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Refueling Stations

A hydrogen refueling station (HRS) is an infrastructure designed for filling a vehicle with hydrogen fuel. It can be part of a station for fossil fuel refueling or an independent infrastructure.

An HRS is composed of a basic unit, or of a basic unit plus a production unit if the hydrogen is produced on-site.
The basic unit includes a minimum of a high-pressure storage system and one or more dispensers.
If the H2 is produced on-site or is delivered to the station at an intermediary pressure or in a liquid state, the basic unit also requires intermediary storage (based on gaseous or liquid hydrogen technology) and a compression system.
Certain technical components are necessary for the construction of a hydrogen refueling station. For all refueling stations, these include adequately sized storage facilities for hydrogen, compressors which bring the hydrogen to the desired gas pressure level, a precooling system, and dispensers for delivering the fuel. Refueling stations can be set up more quickly and less expensively by standardizing these components.

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